At a stopping point with this, my first, track. I still feel like it needs work, whether it be mixing, or moving/ removing parts (I know in some sections it starts to feel too busy). I'm also not very satisfied with the lyrics or my vocal performance, but I felt like something needed to be there. Let me know what you think.
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The vocal performance needs work. You are having pitch issues. Also, I felt like the lead playing was a little simplistic.

The mixing quality isn't the best, either. I kind of felt like everything was being played at the same level. It just sounded a little flat.

Thanks for your submission and allowing us the opportunity to critique it.
KG6 Thank you. I had a friend mix it for me, but like I said I feel it still needs some work. Even though I'm fairly new to the whole recording side of music if you have anything that you would like a crit on I'd be more than willing to.