thanks! i appreciate the feedback. and i totally agree with you on the whole movie thing. maybe ill make a montage and use it. ill be sure to check out some of your tunes.
Not sure how well this is going to convey, since it's a visual thing... The mental picture I had listening to your song, was someone driving a car. The camera is on the driver from the passenger seat, so we see the right side of the driver's face. The driver is going fairly fast, as you can see from the scenery whisking by in the background, but the video is slightly slowed down for a slow-mo effect. That was the mental image I had listening to it.
its funny that you say that because the montage i was thinking of filming was going to be driving across a big bridge into the city i live in. either a rainy or cloudy day. the angle would be out the passenger window. maybe some shots of the city itself too.
Really nice! Not sure if that's your style, but have you ever thought about buying a cheap drum synth to add some simple beats to your looping? Would be pretty cool, maybe.
How do you make those sounds that spiral up?
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hey thanks for the feedback. ambient stuff is my main style, but i do have tracks where i do use drums, ill be sure to put some up. probably sometime this week. If i know the sound that your referring to though, its an octasynth pedal that i found a way to make it feedback like that by twisting knobs etc. and i decided that it could definitely be used in something. its funny because it does that without me even playing anything! i love getting rewarded with minimal amounts of effort