Hey guys, so I play 13 gauge guitar strings, a bit heavy, I know. I also tune to standard. For the third time, using a brand new set of 13's, the freaking g string breaks. Right at the nut. I understand that the nut needs to be filed out a little to compensate for the thicker strings, and I have done that. I really don't know what the problem is. Maybe I didn't file it out enough? Any answers would be extremely helpful considering basically no music store in the immediate area regularly carries 13 gauge strings...
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Maybe I didn't file it out enough?

So... because you didn't fully adjust your nut, your g-string keeps breaking...? ^^
Lube your nut to keep your G-string from breaking (and all the jokes to follow).

Really though, if you're afraid to file more, try using a bit of graphite in the slot to ease the friction... or whatever.
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The same thing just actually happened on my acoustic. It always happens while bending somewhere around the second fret. It's basically unheard of to break 13 gauge strings, I know my fingers aren't that strong. Besides Stevie Ray Vaughan did that stuff all the time. How much am I supposed to file the nut? Like how can I tell the string fits just right?
You can file the nut with a piece of the string. It takes time though, and you have to be sure you're filing at the correct angle. I've never done it, but I've seen people do it. But they tie the string between 2 points and make it tight, like a coping saw.