Hey guys. I'm thinking of getting a new webcam that has a capability of being attached to a tripod. My question though is this: what do people use to get the "down the neck" angle where they attack the cameras to their headstocks? I'm kinda baffled there as for how I would do that

I did that once. I think I might have just duck-taped the camera to the headstock

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You could also rig a smartphone to do it...some vendors make mounts that could be manipulated to sight down the neck I'm sure.
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Get a gopro! If you're looking for something to be used as a webcam, go pro is tons of fun!
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I want a GoPro pretty bad for lots of reasons. There is also a competing product to GoPro that I am more interested in because the tripod base and other accessories are not proprietary. I can't remember the damn name right now - it will come back to me.

I got one of these standard adapter mini tripods that you can use to wrap around the headstock. Worked pretty well.

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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
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^THAT. That is awesome. Was it sturdy? Did it mess with the tuning pegs or anything?

Gorilla pod I think. Articulating tripod. They are designed to grip onto all kinds of things. Yes, you do have to mess with it and tuners a bit until you get it just right. The good news is once you get it locked down pretty good you can still adjust the tuners but it did take a bit of messing with. It is NOT the high quality stuff you see in videos though.

Here they are

It was little wabbly if you click on this you can see
I just duct tape my webcam to my guitar when I want that.
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