Time to go another round, this time for my sister's 21st. The plan is a flat-top Les Paul with solid Rimu body and maple neck, wired up like a '72 deluxe tele to give it a little more twang than your typical LP.

The Rimu I'm using for this build is no ordinary timber. I'm sure many of you have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch a few years ago - it was kind of a big deal to those of us in the city at the time. Anyways, one of the knock-on effects of the quake was the sudden availability of recycled timber, particularly Rimu 4x2: they were pulling the stuff out of the rubble by the truckload. I managed to get my hands on a couple of lengths for the price of a box of beer, and set it aside for a future build: with my sister now living in Christchurch, it seems like the ideal time to start making sawdust!

The body rough-cut with the handsaw:

And the outline tidied up with the router:

looking good

I built a rimu les paul with a silky oak cap and maple/maple neck, the rimu was a little dull sounding but the maple picks it up a bit and it was a cool sounding guitar (until the neck got shattered...........am in the middle of rebuilding the neck, has taken over 18mths )
sytharnia, that sucks about the neck man - was it set or bolt-on?

I got a bit more done this week. The neck cut and glued:

Truss rod slot routed:

Then the headstock taken down about 5mm to leave around 15mm overall:

I cut a 3mm strip of Rimu from the body scraps and laid out some fret markers:

Cut and filed 'em:

Then scored them on the fretboard:

I got about halfway through routing the pockets out when I ran out of light - should be able to get a bit more done over the long weekend though, so stay tuned
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sytharnia, that sucks about the neck man - was it set or bolt-on?

set neck.......I think its one of the cool things about making your own guitars, when they break it doesn't "feel" quite as bad as if a shop one does...might just be me though

those fret inlays look awesome....can I ask do you get the maple locally??

I was hoping to get some building done over the long weekend (am build a roswell rhoads) but now we are off to the tron for the day so today is shot already
Yeah I guess... you can't pass the blame on to anyone else though
The maple I got from Stew Mac, as I had a few other parts to get at the same time. There are quite a few local lumber yards that can source it though - I've dealt with Halswell Timber in Christchurch (who were great, btw) but I'm sure there are more in the North Island.


Fret inlays glued and clamped:

Neck and headstock routed to shape:

Then a routing template made up for the neck pocket with 2 degree angle:

Pocket routed:

And test fitted:

Another benefit of the bolt-on neck: if the string action is a little off (as it was in my last LP build), you can always tweak the neck angle with the same template and a couple of shims.
So it's been quite some time since I last updated y'all... it's getting cold, and I'm getting lazy

Anyways, I got an off-the-shelf bevel from the local hardware store and positioned it like so:

First pass shaping the neck with rasp and spokeshave:

A little more shapely:

Got the old cordless routers out to transition the headstock:

Definitely a little more purrty than before:

And I just couldn't resist a quick trial-fit. I need to take the body in to work to drill the bridge-post holes, as my drill only has a 10mm chuck, but it shouldn't be long before I'm on to the boring cosmetic stuff, like finish sanding:

Did a bit of cross-drilling through the body to connect the control cavities:

And covered said cavities up:

Pressed, dressed and leveled the frets:

Then finally lacquered, wired and strung the old girl. The result:

This has been a pretty drawn-out build, and to be honest it could well be my last.
I think it's time to move on to a more ambitious project.. watch this space
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Beautiful work. Keep it Up.
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