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Hey every one!! I'm new... well I used to get tabs off here, then thought I should join, Does any one know how to make your avatar show up? Thanks !
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Hey! I had the same issue when I joined (which was only a couple weeks ago...haha). Fixing that is pretty easy actually. At the left side of the page on the Forums there's a thing that says Control Panel. Then on the left side, under Settings and Options, click on "Edit Avatar". If you already have a photo, you can upload that in the URL. Once you have the link to the photo, hit "save changes" and it should show up on all your forum posts after that. I hope I helped!!
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*crawls out of toilet*, welcome to UG dude...., *flushes himself back in*
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Hey, welcome to the site. Avoid The Pit and you'll do fine.
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Don't listen to KG6_Steven and you'll do even better

He has good advice, on the serious side. The Pit is an addicting but annoying part of this forum. Once you use it, it's hard to leave.
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Haha Okay, well i also have another question

How do I change my profile ? (the one that tells people random stuff about you)....
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Hello everyone!!!
Im Catherine from China a basic guitar player only!
Trying to learn futher of skills etc.
Please give me some advices, thanksa lot!