Hey guys!
I have a mixing question on how to get a particular drumsound! I´m thinking compression and some distortion but I´m not exactly sure how to use it!

Help would be very much appreciated!

Here´s an example of the sound I´m trying to achieve (The drumloop during the majority of the song)


Thank you!!
Quick answer, from what I gather you could do a few things.
Compression of course is huge, there's also virtually no high end so perhaps a low-pass filter. Also the snare is layered with a few sounds, the boom underneath and the punchy sound. You could also try distortions but I think for the most part it's the sounds they used and layered together, compression, maybe a filter, with a bit of reverb in there too.
That's just off the top of my head, might be way off, some experimenting would be the best bet!
Sounds like heavy compression/limiting. I hear some electronic sounds in there too that kinda make it 8bit sounding. So maybe try over compressing and a bitcrusher.