Hey Everyone!

So, today I am officially starting my first build. Here are the specs:

Body: White Oak with a Lacewood top
Neck: Ash-Red Oak-Walnut-Hickory Laminate
Fingerboard: Ash

GFS hardtail bridge and locking tuners

It is going to be dyed green.

Pictures thus far:

The neck wood:

Here's what they will look like when they are glued up (here just being held together by my hand):

Here is the body and fingerboard wood (right is white oak left is ash):

And finally here is the body shape on paper. It's nothing terribly original, but I designed it myself which makes me rather excited

(oh hey... I did a foot shot and didn't even realize it until previewing the post haha)

The body template is going to be transferred to some particle board tomorrow. I have it traced out, but since I live in an apartment I don't want to be making to much of a raucous too late at night by cutting it out.

The lacewood should be on it's way to me soon. I just had to reorder some yesterday because the original person I bought it from on eBay still hasn't sent it after over 3 weeks...

Tonight I am going to be gluing up the neck laminates and should hopefully have a nice picture of that tomorrow I will hopefully have a picture of my headstock design tomorrow as well. I started on one, but I need to revise it because I realized that I didn't leave enough room for all of the tuners.

I am on spring break next week, so hopefully I will be getting a large amount of work done on this.
Thanks I'm really happy with it.

Today and yesterday have been slow because I've been spending a lot of time catching up on sleep from a take-home test I had last week. I'm trying to keep the noise to a minimum in the evenings in an attempt to keep happy neighbors. The neck blank is now all glued up and the body template is almost done being cut out. I'm taking it slow with cutting jobs that have to be more precise because this is new territory for me. So far it seems that I can do it well, but I want to ensure that I'm careful. Also, I was cutting the template in the evening with a scroll saw and I decided that I had probably been too loud for too long.

Today is mostly a tool prep day. I'm in the process of making a flat sanding block because I'm cheap and I have extra wood. I will hopefully be making a miter box as well today so that I can begin cutting fret slots.

The headstock design is nearly complete, I just want to make a couple more minor alterations to it (for aesthetics) before I show it.

Anyway, pics

Neck blank. It needs to be sanded flat, but other than that it's good to go for when I measure out the scarf joint.

(Nearly) cut out body template:

The lacewood I ordered should be in tomorrow. Pics will definitely be here
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Been a few days, but new pictures and such

First, the neck blank. You couldn't see it in the previous picture most likely, but I did a less than perfect job of gluing the pieces. The were together, but some were offset slightly vertically making the surface not flat. I have spent quite a while planing them down to get a flat surface. I don't have access to very many power tools, so it was all elbow grease but, at least seeing it in person, it was worth it. It looks great now. There was a bit of tearout in a couple spots, but I'm ok with it. They were in spot that are going to be covered up by the fretboard anyway.

Note the giant pile of shavings to the right. That's from planing one side. I think it's rather obvious that this is my first time haha.

My lacewood finally came today!

Here's a closeup with a little bit of water to highlight the grain.

Tomorrow is (finally) scarf joint time. I'm excited
So... question for anyone that can help. I've been planning out the finishing stuff and some issues have been brought to my attention that I was hoping I could get some help with. I am going to use the KTM waterbase finish from LMI because I have nowhere that I can spray since I live in an apartment. I also wouldn't have a safe place to keep it given the toxic fumes from lacquer without potentially killing myself...

So, the problem. I have a figured top that I want to dye. I want to dye it in starting with black and then green so as to make the figure really stand out. Since I am using a waterbase finish I have to use alcohol soluble dyes or else it will run. It has been brought to my attention that wiping on alcohol based dyes is a no-no. What options would I have to do this correctly? If I'm extremely careful and quick could I get away with wiping on the dye? Spraying is not an option given my workplace is an apartment.

Obviously I'm nowhere near the stage where I would be doing this, yet. But I am hoping to place my order soon so that I will be ready and I want to make sure that I do this correctly.