Hello everyone I would like to get some clarification on the division of of double stops on string instruments.

To my understanding "Div" means to divide the notes in between two players. Right stand gets higher notes and left side gets the lower notes.

What I don't understand is what the a.6 and a.3 means coming after that.

Can someone clarify for me please?
I'm afraid I cannot provide any insight, but perhaps it was just a div tag typo?

(lol html jokes)


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there are 6 notes there within the first violin part, so the "divisi a 6" just means the notes are divided amongst 6 players (or however many players divided into 6 parts, depending on the setup)

"divisi a x" indicates a division into x number of parts
At the beginning it says div. a 6. This means that the 6 notes of the harmonies are to be divided evenly among vln 1 players. Keeping it simple, a vln 1 section of 12 players will have 2 players playing each of the 6 notes.

This designation is usually for winds and brass players. For example, a chord with 4 notes in Horns will be notated as a2 (staff 1) and a2 (staff 2). Flutes in triplets playing a single melody line a3 means that all 3 flutes play this line.

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