Seriously....my band looks bored on stage.... I'm kinda the only one moving around and actually making a good time out of the whole thing and I don't think it's kinda sad the bassist is the only one who appears to have a good time. My singer kinda just stands around and sings into the mic. The guitarist has his feet planted on the ground and looks at the fret board the whole time. The drummer looks so serious...(why so serious!?)

What do guys usually do to get your band look like they're having fun on stage. I'm not looking for Blink-182 craziness, just to make the guys seem animated.
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Perhaps they are nervous? Or afraid to look wierd? Whatever the case just try and get them to not worry about looking foolish.
For some genre's it isn't too much of a problem to just stand there, it just depends what you're playing. There are some great bands that just stand there and play their instruments.
But if you want to be one of those bands that runs around on stage, I suggest that you talk to the rest of your band about it. If it is decided that stage presence is something that you want to work on, I suggest that you video one of your performances and watch it together. You might find that you really don't look any better on stage than everyone else and it's something you all need to work on.
The singer's stage presence is more important than anyone else's. You could suggest that your singer watch some performances of singers with great stage presence (Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Roger Daltrey).
What you look like on stage depends on the dynamic between band members. What are you guys like during rehearsals? Is there a lot of joking/messing around or is it "play your shit and gtfo"?
Perhaps you guys need to loosen up a bit around each other.
If you want to look like you're having fun, you should have fun.

On a more serious side, it's acting and theatrics, but it's still completely enjoyable. You don't run around the stage when you're feeling fun, none have that urge, you run around the stage to feel more fun, because it is fun, same with any stage move ever performed. You do it to feel more fun, and provide more fun for others.

^ that is, if you find theatrics fun. If you don't, join an orchestra where it's socially acceptable to stand still and enjoy playing.
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You're right - bored band = bored audience.

A statue for a vocalist is not good - the singer is the main person and sound be entertaining to watch as well as listen to. BUT stagecraft is learned so recommend copy some moves from favourite bands, drama lessons for expression of emotion with body and face, rehearsed actions to go with particular parts of songs.
Maybe they have a thing for Robert Fripp.
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It's something that needs to be practiced. That said sometimes you are just not in the mood. An awesome audience can make you perform better, an empty room can make you bored. Don't even get me started on the 2am slog where a drunk woman is shouting at the band "look happy!"
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Talk about it. Lack of confidence is probably the reason and if you are new to performing the technical need to get it right means a lot of concentration and looking at fretboards, experience frees you from this.

Video your performances and watch them a week or so later when you can be objective about it.

bass players usually are the ones who are most active unless you have a proper front(wo)man
Tell them that their homework assignment is to emulate The Dillinger Escape Plan.
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I good starting point is to start interacting with each other a little bit. If you look at most bands, the singer will walk over the guitarist during a break, kind of move with him. Guitarist might do the same. A guitarist or anyone for that matter will walk up to the drumset, jump off the platform if there is one.

If you can have fun playing with each other, you can transfer that energy to the crowd. It's also easier to practice, since you can work on that stuff in your rehearsals as apposed to pretending there's and audience in front of you and staring at a wall.
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Video your performances and watch them a week or so later when you can be objective about it.

^^This, when you record your performances, you can show the band how stiff they look. it worked for me, and my last band...
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Dude, do this onstage

5 minutes before the gig, change into a clown outfit with a water bucket on your head on your head.

and in between each song, just walk up to a random member of the band and annoy the living **** out of them. just walk next to them and start humping them or tickle them or try to kiss them i donno just get weird.

sick the rick roll'd song when the vocalist is introducing the band members

find a terrible one liner and just keep yelling it.

something is bound to happen