Hey all. I picked up the guitar about a year ago and have been playing casually since. Just living room music but once my skill picks up, I'd like to play for people. My only problem is I can never find the tabs or chords I want.

I love this site and have even had the mobile app for a few months now. I'm just having trouble finding stuff for the type of music I'd like to play. I listen to and love r&b/soul/jazz tunes and this site doesn't have a lot of the artists I listen to regularly. Just to name a few, for reference, I'd like to learn;

Anthony Hamilton
Dave Hollister
Raphael Saadiq
Usher (non-pop songs)
Robin Thicke
John Legend
Donnell Jones
Joss Stone
Trey Songz (non-pop again)
Katy Perry (jk)
Jesse Powell

The list could go on, but that's a start. Anyone know where to find songs by these artists and others like? Some i can find tutorials on YouTube but for the most part, even the good ones aren't so great.

Any assistance is much appreciated.
I wish I could help I've been searching R&B guitar tabs everywhere but guitar tabs always mean rock and metal to the internet...we should help each other out