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Alright folks,

I am in need of some advice. Firstly, let me say that I am not asking anyone to tell me what guitar to buy.

I play a FG730S at the moment, which is a great guitar, but I am looking to buy a new acoustic. I could be tempted by an electro, but I have a Seymour Duncan Woody pickup, so I have no issues with amplification. Can anyone point me in the general direction of brands/guitars that I should try, or may like? Bearing in mind that I love the FG. I strum/pick and fingerpick quite a lot. Should I look for a similar size nut to the FG or go for something bigger? Do people have different size nuts on their guitars or do you generally stick with the same width?

Stupidly, I bought an Ibanez AW40ECE online a couple of years ago, which I don't get on with at all. I can't explain it, we just don't see eye to eye. Feel free to flame me! What can I say? I fell for the looks - lesson learned. In fact, it will be on ebay shortly!

My budget is anything up to £500. Any advice gratefully received. I play mainly acoustic rock stuff, if that has any bearing on things.


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Don't stick with 500 pounds guitars, each time you buy a new guitar buy something more expensive than your previous one, if keep on buying mid price range guitars you end up having 7 mid range guitars while you could have had 1 high class guitar...
So I would save up for something bigger, maybe a cheap Martin or a cheap Gibson?
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Joe, move a step up to Yamaha's 'L' series. The LL6 is within your budget, sounds and plays superbly, has Yamaha's legendary build quality and comes with a very decent semi-rigid case. If you can stretch to another £100 or so, the LL16 offers all solid timbers.

Solid Englemann spruce top
Rosewood back and sides
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
1 3/4" nut width

My LL6 is the third I have owned over the years. I've been playing Yamaha guitars since 1969.

^That isn't me!
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snake? i forgot to tip you for the Poo Poo Platter you delivered last apologies! you can spit on my eggrolls next time.
oh and i second the LL6 suggestion. great guitar, currently on the hunt for one.