What is the difference between Epiphone LP Standard Ebony and Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top Pro. I know that Plus top model is equipped with newes Epi Pro-buckers. Some people says that Probukers are better than the classic alnico's.

What do you think, which is the better offer to you?
To buy the cheaper model (standard ebony) and eventually upgrade it with some Gibson pups (may be Burstbuckers or classic ‘57s)


to buy the Standard Plus Top Pro (with sunburst finish, Probucker pups, coil taping and etc.)?

And, I want to ask is there a real difference in wood, manifacturer’s quality control and electronics of both guitars (Standard ebony and Standard PlusTop Pro)?
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I have the plustop pro and the difference is the maple flame top, and the coil tapping. I personal preference is the pro. The pups are well rounded in sound, most adjustments are found between the coil taps and the amp for classic jazzy sounds. Being value conscience when looking at pups I found the SeymoreDucans-Jazz for neck and bridge as a alternative swap as Gibson is twice the price.
Personally for the novice to intermediate player these differences are subtle such as wood, hardware and such. The pups on the other hand do have a noticeable difference if set up right as far as height in relation to the strings for more definition and punch.

Here's my impressions in general, for what you get in customizing tones and great looks the plustop is in my opinion the better "value". The honeyburst is just something you really need to see to appreciate. Sweetwater Sound has a nice feature on getting a guitar as you see the profile pix of the actual guitar you would purchase. I waited for the right moment when a pattern I liked was in stock and jumped on it. I love my guitar and the Probuckers sound great and the coil tap is great for different tones. I will eventually get the SD pups in the Jazz series for more classic mellow tones. And you can always change em out to your liking. If you do get the plustop pro and decide on swapping pups remember these need to be 4 wire cause of the coil tapping.

Me...I'm not in a band, just play at home with a Peavey Vypyr 75 and don't have specific needs right now as to tone. I'm finding most tones can be found between the amp and guitar. Hmm...you want to get original with Epi/Gibson buy the 57' pups. There great but pricey and do you really want to spend that kind of money. I found in my personal experience a less expensive alternative is just fine for the "average" player. Things that make Gibson pups orLes Paul's expensive don't fall in to categories I use in my playing. You can't go wrong with the Epi. Les Paul plus top pro.

Hope this helps in your decisions .....yea you do get what you pay for most of the time but is it needed for what you do musically is the deal breaker.
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Or another alternative is to spend another $100 over the Std Pro and get a Tribute Plus. Those come stock with Gibson 57 Classics pickups, locking tuners, and even a hardshell case. The hardshell case being included basically makes up for the cost difference in itself, even before the pickups and tuners are factored in. Great guitar for the money!
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Hey there...
I have the plustop pro and the difference is the maple flame top, and the coil tapping.

Actually, the tops on the plus are just veneers. IIRC the only ones that have a real maple top are the JB Goldtop and the Tributes but they have a veneer for looks as well.
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If you ask me, I would buy an Agile AL-3010SE from Rondomusic. They have similar specs to the Epi LP Standard but with an actual flame maple top so you get the "fancier" look as well as an ebony fretboard and has coil tapping.
It's also $100 cheaper than an Epi LP Standard so you can use that money to buy some burstbuckers and pop them into the Agile's.
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