Can you mix an A minor scale with an A major scale for example if that makes sense, are these scales used in this way,
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You can do whatever you want.

It's very common to mix harmony from major and minor though.

So true! Minor 3rd harmonies are typical in Metal, Saying that though Super Locrian is pretty fun to harmonise with.


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Nah, I know the thread, I'm asking a more specific question that I wanted clarifying
the answer is the same, ofcourse you can. If it will sound good, will only the way you use it decide. And to get better at using them, you gotta hear what you want to sound like, and to help you hear it, learn all the intervals through and through, sing, replicate stuff you like, may it be bass, chords or lead. and just listen to a ton of music
Ok cheers, I'm listening to tons of stuff I like and learning to play lots of it, I've learnt the major and minor scales, and string skipping, and all the positions,
I've read about intervals but I gather I will get better at recognizing these playing scales and improvising,
I'm learning the harmonic minor scale at the moment