Hi guys and girls,

I've been having some issues with my MXR Phase 90... mostly that whenever I kick it on, I get a pretty substantial boost in volume. I play in a cover band and while I don't use the phaser that often, it does come in handy to spice up a few leads and for clean parts in a few songs. However, I can't use it now because it is REALLY loud when I kick it on... almost as loud as my solo/lead boost.

I've tried all different positions on the rate nob... same deal. I also tried placing it in my effects loop but didn't like the sound as much... felt more "wooshy" to me.

Has anyone else had any issues with their Phase90 boosting the volume? My pedal chain goes tuner-wah-fuzz-distortion-od-phaser (with eq for boost-chorus-tremolo-delay-reverb in my loop). So I don't think there is any issue with placement in the chain...

Here is what I'm looking at:

1) If this is a common problem, is there a quick fix? I have zero room on my board (its comically crowded) so I'm not sure if I could add some sort of noise reduction pedal. Plus I kind of dislike the idea of stomping on two pedals at once...

2) Or this isn't common, and I just have a weird unit? I'm open to looking into other phasers, especially considering I could sell this one via craigslist (I'm lucky and have never not been able to sell a piece of gear on craigslist where I live.) Any suggestions for a unit that won't increase volume / have a "level" control would be great - but please consider I'd like to have a unit with the same (or close to it) foot print as the Phase 90 due to the crowdedness on the board.

Any and all thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you!
i would suggest putting it in front of your distortion. just like evh used to do. sounds like the only viable solution.