So i ordered a Jackson rrmg from American Musical, which normally I wouldn't do, but I wanted this thing pretty badly, and didn't have cash on hand, so i put it on one of their payment plans. A friend of mine has had nothing but praise for them, and at the end of this story, you'll see that it most probably isn't their fault.

Anyway, the crux of the issue is this: At the time that I preordered it (February 15th or 16th), it was listed as "expected 2/25/13," and I was happy to wait the ten days or what have you, but as the 25th rolled around, I checked the site, and found it listed now as expected 3/25, which was definitely an upset. "Oh well," I thought,"What's a month? No big deal." And resigned myself to wait until the 25th of March or thereabouts.

Well, here we are at the 24th of March, and out of morbid curiosity, I checked the site again a moment ago, and to my horror and dismay, the guitar is now expected 4/22. Now I've concluded that this is bullshit and I ought to just get the money together and order the bitch from Musician's Friend, but upon checking their site, which bear in mind, had the same listing of 3/25, they also now have the guitar available in ****ing April.

I'm not really expecting to do anything at this point, just wait the extra month, but I thought I'd share this wonderful anecdote with all of you, and caution people who are planning on preordering a big name guitar, (of course I've deduced that it is Jackson's fault, as both dealers are experiencing the same issues.)

Has anything of this nature ever happened to any of you? Do share.

Also I realize that this is not bound to happen with every preorder, just a bit of a cautionary tale.
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That sucks man, I hope you get it soon.

Personally, this has never happened to me. I don't even preorder games, let alone guitars.
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yeah, dude, it blows.

and normally i wouldn't have either but it originally was listed as like a ten day wait.

(a bit of back story here) i sold my slsmg soloist, which had bareknuckles installed in it (warpig B/ painkiller N) to cover some moving expenses, which obviously i was bummed about, and I've been playing a like $100 balsa wood dean from hell for 3 months.

anyway, the rrmg caught my eye, (I used to run a rhoades, don't recall which, not a super high end, not the js) being that it has an oil finished neck, 22 frets (which excited me for some reason, I've always had 24, and every 22 fret i've played, I've enjoyed, with the exception of this shitty dean i'm playing now) and a matte grey finish, which doesn't touch the white of my soloist, but beats the hell out of shiny black. it's neck through, has a floyd, (not original, but the pro [or something, i don't recall] which is supposed to be actually comparable) and emg 81/85, which i really do like, even though i swapped them out for BK's last time, I might just keep these.
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I am a deathcore musician. I am above mere mortal minds.
i ordered an amp way back pretty soon after i started playing and it didn't come for a couple of months as the manufacturer was having problem getting a certain part. I pretty much swore off preordering anything after that.

hope your guitar turns up as soon as possible.
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Yeah I have bought many things frm AMS and always had a great experience. Their free 1 yr extended waranty saved me $250 on my old L6 SV HD100 when the DSP fried on it.

What is happening to you is the fault of Jackson not the store.

If you want it that bad wait, or get something else like a used RR3/RR5
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the bad thing here is you were expecting it in 10 days ..... I just ordered a new G & L leagcy and the normal wait is 16 weeks for a custom made guitar , with that said there is a good chance it won't take that long so if it comes in earlier than the 16 weeks then its a bonus .... if you really like the guitar it will be worth the wait in the long run ... good luck on the HNGD , it will come