Hey guys, loooooonnnnngggggg time no post. What've I missed?

Any djent players on the forum? I run an overdrive in my signal, and as well getting rid of any hiss I'm looking for a gate to just tighten things up a la djent guitarists. Does anybody have any experience doing this? Any recommendations?
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Noise gates can tighten things up, but not massively. My NS-2 for example does not have a quick enough decay to really make things tight-sounding on its own, even on the quickest setting. Having said that, if you put the threshold up really high, you might be able to make it work a bit better, although you would have to sacrifice some tone. You might find you just need to tighten up your playing

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Concerning in the studio I haven't used any sort of noise gate, it's just when you're jumping around on stage it's pretty difficult to pay to attention to all the nuances haha. I did briefly try out my guitarist's NS-2 at rehearsal last night, but I couldn't really make much of a judgement in such a short period of time.
Quote by skater dan0
Damn you and your ninja-like modding
You can get NG and Comp out of something of Studio Quality like the Digitech Studio Quad v2 for about $100
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