Hey everyone,

So lately I've been considering buying a drum machine. I would just buy real drums, but they're too expensive, rather loud, and I don't have the coordination. The machine is mostly going to be used for practice and maybe recording demos for myself. I was thinking about going the software drums route, but I'm not too keen on being glued to a computer whenever I'm practicing or writing...

Anyway, the machines I had my eye on were the Zoom RT223, Boss Dr770, and the Alesis SR18. Does anyone have experience with any of them? I'm mostly interested in the RT223 because of the price and the fact that it has sampled drums rather than synthesized drums (based on what I read)

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Use your computer, and software drums? Whatever drum machine you buy there will be limits to what it can do.

+1. Honestly, you might not like the idea of using a computer, but software drums are so much more flexible than what you could do with a drum machine, which is basically nothing more than a fancy metronome.

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I used a Zoom RT323 on all the recordings in my profile - it sounds pretty good, like you said they're all sampled rather than synthed. It's easy enough to programme new patterns & songs, although editing can be a bit awkward if you go wrong. Not impossible, just a bit fiddly.

Would I recommend one though? Yes, and No. Yes for all that it can do, but no simply because it when you want to backup etc it uses a SmartMedia card. If it used an SD card it would be great - newer versions of it probably do, just watch what you're buying if you go used.
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Give Hydrogen Drum Machine a shot. It's freeware and seems to be applicable for what you want to do. And it is Linux compatible, IIRC.
look at some akai stuff, keith merrow uses an akai mpc to record drums im sure! pretty good if youre playing live too for samples and stuff
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nothing wrong with drum machines but then again I listen and record alot of hip hop, where the drum beats I make, may have a couple fills but thats it, not to many changes.