Anybody know of an acoustic pickup, preamp, string set up that will give me the sound of my 1960 Gibson ES125T. I found a few project guitars on the web with P 90's mounted in the sound hole, but no sound bites or details. Im not interested in retaining the acoustic tone when plugged in, but would need to retain acoustic attributes unplugged.

Well, you'd pretty much have to restring with an electric string set for maximum effect. That would change your acoustic tone quite a bit.

Besides, a lot of what I'm guessing you're calling "the P-90 sound", (as with any electric pickup), is being generated by the massive sustain solid and semi-hollow guitars provide.

The better sound hole pickups are designed to be "microphonic", meaning that they respond better to physical vibrations from the guitar, as well as producing electricity from the string's vibrations.

Electric only pickups are sometimes "potted" to eliminate microphonics, as they cause feedback at high volumes.

Once upon a time, (we're talking decades ago), DiMarzio had true humbuckers with a clever sliding bracket system, which allowed you to place the pickup anywhere in the sound hole. The pickup slid on two steel rails underneath, and special nylon end bracket. It also released by loosening a single screw.

So, when all is said and done, you'll probably have to design a clever, easily removable bracket, to bring this project to fruition.

I'd start by scouring the web for perhaps some kind of mounting bracket kit, but this idea is idiosyncratic enough that I doubt you'll have much luck.

Sorry, that's all I got.
Thats pretty much all the same compromises and issues Ive read about so far. Ive got a new Voyage Air VAD-04SN Id like to upgrade as an all purpose take-a-long instrument. From the science aspects of this it would seem that a microphonic pickup would be needed. I guess what I may seek out is a conventional acoustic pickup with some "bite". Any recomendations? I can accomplish any custom mounting needs myself.