Hey all. Just uploaded a new tune: The Phobium. .

It's my term for the pseudo prison / security zone built by phobia. Anyone struggling with social phobia, or any fears that tend to drive one into isolation, can surely relate.

The opening is a little weird...hope you all like.
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Hey there. Thanks for the crit on my post. Get a functioning link on here and I'd be happy to give it a listen.
Damn dude. That song kicked ass. The chromatic parts at the beginning were dizzying (in the best way possible), and perfectly suited the subject matter. I really enjoyed the mixed between acoustic and electric. It worked really well especially when you traded riffs back and forth.

I was a bit caught off guard with the vocals but actually ended enjoying them. You got some pipes; always nice to hear people that can nail those high notes. At first they reminded me of Nevermore's vocals but then when you started to layer and add filters (before the solos) I got more of a Porcupine Tree vibe. Both awesome things. Keep it up dude.
Sick stuff man! I love the tone of the bass, and the way the acoustic and electric parts fight back and forth is sweet. I like the vocals, they fit the song very well. I agree with mosstifur's point about the vocals sounding like Nevermore. The drums seemed to be a little quiet at some points in the song, but that may have been because of my speakers. The lead part at about 2/3rds of the way through the song was my favorite part.

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Wow! This is great, I love the acoustic so much. Really, really creative stuff for sure. the writing is really good. I like the vocals, it goes great with everything else. Sweet solo as well.

Not much wrong with it to me, sweet stuff!
Wow! That was different...

Who is singing? Is that you? Very solid vocals.

What instruments are you using? Is that just an acoustic guitar, or is there an ukulele or tiple in there in some parts? Very very very interesting instrument arrangement and mix. I really dig the textures of heavy guitars along with acoustic guitars. The bass guitar is also pretty wicked too. Overall, great stuff!

Thanks again for the critique of my song...
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Thanks JDawg, much appreciated.

mattmakaha, yeah that's me singing. I am a one man show, like many of us here I think. Trying to save up now for a real drum kit so I can knock off the rust and learn how to record acoustic drums.

To answer your question, just using a cheap 100 dollar acoustic guitar (all I can afford right now), tracked about 70% left and 70% right. Same with the electric guitar parts. I really enjoy acoustic arrangements with a heavy chug-a-thug electric bottom. It's always been an attractive sound to me.

Thanks for listening!
Definitely blown away. Thought it was just going to be that crazy instrumental but then it jumped into the full blown song. I agree with everyone else, I love the back and forth between the acoustic and electric guitars. And you've got a great recording setup, not to mention you kill it on vocals. Also the transition between heavy and the more quiet parts as well as the way you alter your voice for the parts really get across the idea of anxiety and isolation. I thoroughly enjoyed this man. Great job.
Definitely killed it man. Loved the distorted vocals, was totally frantic. From a total outside point of view - that was awesome dude. From an inside view, loved the production, loved the back and forth between electric&acoustic guitars, bass tone was great, ripped right through the mix, vocals were great man, really enjoyed the heavier vocals. Really great job dude.
Awesome! I mean like really good, I'm impressed. Started of a little weird as you mentioned, but I really digged it when the vocals came in. Solid composing. I think you could make some really good music if you had some better recording equipment and better instruments. Best of luck to you!
I enjoyed that track - liking the sound and vibe of it. Has a unique character to it I feel.

Going to check out more of your music.
Wow! Totally enjoyed that track. I'd be interested in knowing what gear you used to record and your mixing/mastering process and all that stuff too. The track sounds really clear and crisp.

In terms of the actual song, the beginning was very original and got me digging the instrumental part, and the vocal lines just kind of seamlessly worked their way in there. There was never really a moment where I thought "Intro just ended, here comes the vocal part". The arrangement was great, it was very catchy especially towards the end, and I really like the vocals (not sure if that is you but either way they were great).

I really enjoyed it! Nice work
The drums in the intro are a bit too quiet to come across the way you probably wanted (EDIT: now that I've heard the rest of the song, this was probably totally intentional, never mind). I like the combination of acoustic and electric guitars, especially the playing around 0:54 was really nice. I love songs like this that are varied throughout. When you started singing, the song reminded me somewhat of Tenacious D (I mean that as a compliment, it sounds really professional!). You have a great voice, you clearly can do a lot of different things with it. Overall really well sung, nice riffs, and it kept me interested from beginning to end. Great song!

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I think the drums are a bit too quiet in the mix. The structure is incredible. You have so many hooks, the tone is great with each instrument. I'd raise the electric guitar's volume some. It's also a bit quiet. I don't really favor the bass; it's a bit too 'chunky' sounding for my taste, but the playing is awesome. Great vocals. Just the right amount of vocal-distortion too. This seriously is a fantastic song. Not a single dull moment throughout the entire piece. That acoustic solo set the electric solo up very well. I'd love to be able to create this kind of music. Very interested in how you mix your material. Very solid track. Thanks for the crit on my song too!
Commenting as I go.

The mix sounds great to me, the drums could be slightly higher, but I don't know if that would take away from everything else, which is mixed perfectly.
Loving all the guitar work here in the intro. When it changes over to the solo acoustic, the mix still sounds great - how'd you do that?

Vocals are great, suits it perfectly. Lovings the acoustic work throughout.
I can't understand what you're saying when you're yelling the background over those dual acoustic parts, not that it matters, I get the vibe you were aiming for here and I respect that.

Loving that middle 8.

Overall, this is fantastic, great vocals, great musicianship, great structure, great mix. It's literally all good. Awesome work mate, keep it up.
SO whatever this is it's very unfamiliar to me and sounds very original. Kind of has an eastern vibe to it. I'm guessing that's an acoustic guitar in the background. I actually really like the acoustic part....when it switches between electric and acoustic thats when this song is strongest. Thats rlly creative. Reminds me of Opeth a little bit. Wasn't expecting the vocals. And damn, you have an Iron Maiden-esque vocal style. Very impressive. I can't hear the muted vocal part very well. Its a dark but beautiful piece you have here. Very emotional and powerful. The electric solo is very nice too. I like the lyric, "Its over its over, red rover come over..." it kind of takes the cliche and turns it upside down on its head and I happen to rlly like when songs/songwriters do that. You did a damn good job on this on all levels! Thanks for your review btw!
Wow, that was really good!
I liked it a lot!
As others said, it's really quite original, great structure, great sounds.

Anyway, I think you can do way better as for singing...I mean, it's not bad, but the first verse seems like...you can sing it, but the voice is not completely "grown" to that kind of singing...I don't know how to explain it.
It's like it has the potential to do an amazing job, but it hasn't been trained much for that kind of singing.
The other verses are better, in my opinion.

Anyway, it's just my opinion, and I hope you can understand what I mean (sorry but I'm not native english).

I will check out more of your songs!