Finished building a Jag, and i wired it exactly as the diagram showed but couldn't get any sound except buzz. After not being able to find what was wrong i unsoldered it all and wired the pick up directly to the jack to see if i could get any sort of result but with no success. Should that have worked or does it sound like something, either pickup or jack input, is broken?
No i don't, i was hoping to not have to buy one (just can't afford it at the moment). Its all come from a starter guitar so its all very cheap parts to though.
hm, alright.. if you're sure you wired the pickup directly to the jack correctly (there isn't a lot that can go wrong there), and that the cable/amp you're plugged into are working, then it really just comes down to the pickup being dead unfortunately

what guitar was the pickup in before?
If it's buzzing, you don't have a complete circuit - in other words, you have a broken wire somewhere.

Unfortunately, spending a few bucks on a multimeter is going to be the only way to troubleshoot the problem - unless you can spot the issue and correct it.
Is the cord you are using ok? Did you plug in another guitar to make sure? Sometimes stuff gets messed up and you don't even realize it.
its broken u gotta trash it srry
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If you're new to soldering you may have heated up the cheap pickup more than it could take or the cheap pickup's leads could have broken internally.

I just did a custom wiring job on my buddy's jag (which I use as a stage guitar) and they get confusing fast so don't be too frustrated if it doesn't work at first if it's your wiring at fault. And MAKE SURE you ground all the plates, parts, and the bridge. A lot of people think the plates provide a good enough common ground but I've found having ground wires on the parts anyway helps with noise.