Hey everyone, I bought a Portastudio 424 mkIII off eBay a few months ago. Everything was working fine until one day while recording my band I got distracted and accidentally plugged the output plug into my Shure sm57 (i know im an idiot). the 57 still works fine but the plug doesn't.

So ive been waiting to find another adapter.

Now, its been sitting on my desk for a while now, I decided to finally take out the tape only to find that the tape was stuck. it seems that the rollers and everything are exposed, preventing me from taking out and inserting the cassettes. Could it be stuck on cleaning mode and will reset once I get a new adapter?

Any help would be really appreciated.
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I highly doubt that plugging your mic into the wrong socket had anything to do with the tape getting stuck, it's probably just died from old age. The 424 is probably older than most people in these forums!!

To be honest, you should probably just buy some more modern kit. Up to date digital multitrackers can be purchased used for a decent price on ebay and will provide you with immensely better capability. I wrote a section on multitrackers for the Interfaces sticky, go read that for some recommendations.
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