I bought this beauty at a local music store. It's a Roland JC-55 Jazz chorus. Only downside was that it had a blown speaker (it was a crappy car speaker that was the wrong impedance). Luckily, a friend of mine had 2 vintage Jensen 8'' speakers that he gave me to put in it. I'll finally get to play through it with the new speakers in a little bit.

50w 2x8''
Single channel with switchable drive.
High and low inputs.
Controls are: Distortion-Volume-Bass-Mid-Treble-Reverb-Speed-Depth Chorus on/off

Review before speaker swap:
WOW is this thing loud. I didn't realize just how loud a 50w solid state amp can be. The sound is super clean, and much more responsive than I expected from 8'' speakers, just like it's big brother the JC-120. The distortion on the amp is okay, passable as a low gain blues tone, but can't get teh br00talz (without pedals). It really sang with my Satchurator. The chorus seems a bit weaker compared to a JC-120, but it still sounds good. And it's built like a tank! It needs cleaned up (tobacco stains on it), but it's very solid.

I add more once I get really test drive it. Thanks!
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nice get. awesome deal on the jensons, i was never too impressed with roland's stock speakers
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Nice find. Remember - even 5 watts is loud. More wattage doesn't really get you that much louder. All it buys you is more headroom.