Pay with Blood

We're a 4 piece band from Slovenia and we play beatdown hardcore and we just released our debut EP Get Mad with four of our songs on it.
You can listen to it on Youtube and Stereokiller where you can download the whole EP for FREE!!! Also, the lyrics are added too on both pages. SHARE THIS SHIT!





No crying in hardcore
Hey man, i listened to all 4 of the songs, id say my favorite overall is Your Destiny. All the riffs in these songs kick ass. They remind me a lot of pantera, which is one of my all time favorite bands. The vocals are also quite awesome, however, i feel like they could have been mixed a tad better, they can be hard to hear clearly sometimes (The vocals themselves are great, but to me they are hard to hear, however, it could just be my equipment). Overall, I think this is a kickass EP, and I can see ur band going far!

Thanks man, glad you like it. yeah i agree the vocals could be a bit louder.
Listened to your solo, its awsome you have a nice feel for it kind of funky.And i like your 8 string too reminds of Meshuggah