Hi guys.

I have a Mexican telecaster and I'm thinking of getting a tremelo arm put on it. However, the only trem-system available for it that I can find in England (where I live) is the Bigsby B5 kit. These look great and are meant to be high quality but cost £190.

However, I heard about this American website called guitarfetish.com that is meant to be very good. Whilst looking on there I found this:


Now the difference in price here is huge. To get this sent to me in the UK, including delivery (which is an additional $17), will cost me around £55. I like the way this thing looks and I wouldn't mind the fact that it isn't a 'brand name' part.

Here's my problem though, I know nothing about tremelo systems at all. I was hoping for some advice on how it would compare to the Bigsby B5. I know that these may not be well known but I'm hoping some of you may have used one or could make an informed guess.

Basically I was hoping to get information on the following:

- will the Bigsby stay in tune better?

- would the Bigsby be easier to use? as in easier to actually play? maybe the arm would be smoother or something.

- would the Bigsby system be better sounding than the cheaper kit? what I mean by this is that more expensive wah pedals can have a bigger sweep and sound fuller. Could the same thing apply here?

If any of these questions are stupid I apologise but I would rather look like an idiot than be misinformed.

I Googled that for you, had a read of the first 3 threads and people seem pretty happy with them. I haven't used them myself but generally people say they keep tune very well, don't require drilling to the body and do their job well.

I did read that people said it may leave a mark on your guitar.

I doubt many folk have used it here. The vast majority of people here play LPs or Strats/superstrats and would either go for a Bigsby because of brand and quality or have a guitar with a trem on it. But I could be wrong!

I'd go to a forum for guitars that don't have trems on them like mylespaul or tdpri.

But Google says that lots of people are happy.
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That thing is intriguing. Definitely never seen or heard of it before.
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I don't know that one, but you might want to look at Trem-King.


I stumbled on those because they're the tremolo of choice of Tradition Guitars.
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I used a GFS trem on a Les Paul last year and thought it pretty decent. I compared it to my Gretsch with an actual Bigsby, and the GFS felt slightly tighter and more responsive. As for tuning and keeping tune, I didn't have that issue with the GFS or the Bigsby.