So this is maybe a week late, but I've been too busy to get a proper NGD thread made haha. I got this off of a user over on the sevenstring forums because the deal was too good to pass up; an Ibanez RG8 with a set of Dimarzio D Activator pickups and a hardshell case. The day after I got the guitar, I found on SS a guy selling a Bareknuckle Nailbomb bridge pickup for less than $100, so I had to jump on that as well!

The guitar itself is pretty impressive for the value. For a $400 guitar, the build construction is solid and I've had no issues with tuning stability/setup/bridge/etc. The neck is real nice and thin, even if it is significantly wider than my other guitars. After a little getting used to, I was able to play 8-string barre chords relatively easily. Only thing I still need to adjust is making new patches on my Axe FX for this since my existing patches are a bit too muddy for it.

Unfortunately because of school and whatnot, I haven't gotten around to writing anything substantial with it yet, but I certainly have some riffs coming together. I made a quick cover of Tactical Nuke by The Acacia Strain since the song took literally seconds to learn and is br00tl as fvck, so here's a video of that:


And now, pictures!!!

That cover was uber br00tz.

HNGD man. I keep looking at 8 strings and thinking "I don't need one... I don't need one..." but I played one at GC 2 weeks back and now... I don't know... Those RG8s sure are nice....
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Now you just need to learn some stuff by Animals As Leaders and Fred Brum.

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That guitar and deal is sweet but I can't be the only one who's AMAZED that he found some BN pups under 100, nail bombs no less. You are one lucky guy! Happy for you dude have fun ripping it up with that bad boy.
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Never played an 8-string, but congrats all the same. Nice looking guitar and nice photos. Also, you really need a couple of more wraps of string on those tuners. More wraps equals better tuning stability and tone.

Quote by KG6_Steven
More wraps equals better tuning stability and tone.

It also increases the chance that one of the string wraps sorta move around the place on each other. Can't explain it well but imagine the way the strings slip even for little when they are wrapped even once, then multiply it but the number of wraps you do. Imo you shouldn't wrap much at all. That's why locking tuners are better. Less wraps.
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