Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me, others may not. Anyway, I'm back!

So, my band Chasing Melfina are in the running to win a support slot with my favourite band, My Vitriol! We're second at the moment, quite far behind the first place band. I could seriously die happy if I shared a stage with My Vitriol, so I'm asking for the help of all my comrades to help me get there!

Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/myvitriol/posts/10152670658295346 and 'like' my comment, a YouTube video of Chasing Melfina's 'Black Cats & Guillotines'... Easy!

It was a blast playing for you all at the UG gig in 2009 but we're a bigger, better, LOUDER beast these days! Hopefully we'll see you sometime soon. Thanks for your support and helping me get a little closer to realising an impossible dream!
If you win, will you hold Som Wardner down and guff on his head until he agrees to play in Manchester? I've been wanting to see them for years, but London is too much faffin'.
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I done did it. Now what do I get?
A backrub?
I hope it's a nice, long, non-homosexual backrub.

Absolutely. Lotion or whipped cream, cupcake? anvil, seriously, none taken. Nice to meet you, by the way!

Johnny, yes - and I won't stop until he releases that album!
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Just to let you know, I have nothing against you. It's the principle of it.

He's a 2006er. He deserves respect.

Voted. Good luck man!
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I remember you. Cool dude.


How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

i'd vote if i had facebook, ts. i truly hope you win though.
best of luck!
You dirty piece of shit, you.

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I smoked weed with my mom once.
It was the weirdest moment of my life, and I`ve been caught with my dick in my hand, by my brother, with a giant close up of a dudes face on the tv.

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I'm just glad you guys remember me! It's good to be back!

I don't know you at all.

Make an impression on me.

And I shall consider aiding your cause.
ayy lmao
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He'll rub whipped cream covered cupcakes all over your back!!!

I asked him to make an impression, but this sounds very appealing.

Do you agree to rub whipped cream covered cupcakes on my back, Ts?

Also, Your sig
ayy lmao
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Yes, indeed I do! Oh, and we're starting to fall behind another band, so we need MOAR VOATZ!
I was actually wondering where you had run off to, welcome back! You'll get my vote.
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Cheers! Yeah, I got more heavily involved in pedals and went off to places that focused more on those. Nice to be back here, though!
Cheers! Definitely remember you! I think our biggest weapon now is going to be other people sharing, so if ou guys could do that, I would love you forever.
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