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I enjoyed it, I used to play this song in a cover band when I was younger. Those notes are super high and hard to hit but you do a great job, nice tone and playing too.
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Guitar playing and instrumental mix was spot on. You have a good voice for the song and I think you nailed the chorus and verses. I dont like the 'woah's' during the chorus (maybe its the mix?), but the harmonies in the chorus were great!

My only complaint is your tone during the solo (too much reverb) and a little on the vocal tone - not your voice just the way you processed it.

Overall, it was great man!

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I like it. Guitar tracks sounds nice, good tone. Some of the "woah's" and harmonies sound a little bit out of tune, but it's not very noticeable. The song does suit your voice very well. I really don't know much about mixing and mastering, but it would be nice if the voice stood out a bit more in the mix. Overall a good performance!

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Singing was much better on this track that some of your other covers.
That pop screen really obscures your face.

Those Squier 51's are really popular with the guys over on Squier talk forums, I'm not much of a tele neck fan.

PLaying was bang on, can't say anything bad about it.
Good job
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Slap a bass, Krabben and DJ thanks a lot guys appreciate it. In retrospect those whoas do suck but I dint wnna take the video down and rercord/mix it again...

Krabben ill check yours out in a bit

DJ the Squire 51 was my first electric when I started playing a few years back and it is great! I switch out the bridge humbucker for a seymour duncan 57 never use the neck on that one!
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Still love this song, I used to practice it all the time years ago... U nailed it, well played, and good tone. My only criticism is the "Woah" vocals. But overall great cover.

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Lord Cheswick, you are a comic genius!

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the move of a true gentleman sir Jacek. short, civilised, and intellectual. hats off to you good sir
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love offspring... vocals were great and so was the playing, it seems like ur enjoying it which is the important thing

the only things maybe put the camera to the side a bit, looks like ur wearing a mask :P