Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me out here. I am buying a bunch of new effects pedals for my guitar and would like to know some info on powering them all. I will be getting roughly 6-8 pedals but I live in Australia and just want to know if I buy a few pedals off ebay that come from America, would i still be able to power them?

I have herd of power supplys like the PedalPower 2+ which sounds ideal for me but still not sure how I would go about powering my pedals if I end up getting some from America. Are there any differences in the actual pedals themselves between ones in Australia and ones in America? or is the difference only in the power adapter? The only reason im contemplating buying from America is because each pedal is roughly 20% cheaper then everywhere i can see in Australia. Thanks heaps for reading.
First it depends on what specific pedals you're talking about.

But 99% of the time they are powered by 9V DC. You'll be able to power anything you want as long as you use an Australian power supply.

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