A little tune I've been working on, definitely the softest I've ever written.
I plan on recording it tomorrow, unfortunately I'm terrible at writing drums so if anyone has suggestions on how to tighten that s*** up I'd appreciate it.

Pretty simple, solid and calm song.
Intro: Well, slow tempo, easy bass line and beatyful guitar riff.
Verse1: well, nice chords..
Interlude: Yeah, nice lead.
Chorus: Very simple, awesome.
Nice outro fade out
Well all I have to say is, vocals will be the main thing in this song. And drums need serious re-working.
Intro : nice love it , i would add a lead/solo at bar 17/25 though
Verse 1 : good continuation , drums could be better imo
Interlude : good but the lead doesnt do anything for me
chorus : okish not really any different than the previous parts , imo the chorus should stick out but it doesnt
Outro : nice use of lead here , and makes sense as outro

with lyrics/vocals this would probably be alot better , and i feel that what you have now is kind of barebones , id suggest adding some melodies/harmonies/dynamics to keep it intereseting as it sort of drags on and doesnt change that much throughout the song .


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