Has/does anyone use one of these? I can't imagine that they would work very well, but they're a lot cheaper than a traditional power brick, so I'm curious.
Work fine. Just don't buy a bad/generic power supply. Anything with built in noise suppression is necessary. Boss PSA's come to mind, they're nice. Or the One-spot.

But isolated powersupplies are the shiznick.
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I use a godlyke powerall for 5 pedals and it works perfectly fine. My friend uses a boss and it works great as well. No noise or problems or anything.

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Been using a one spot 8(powers 8 pedals) for about 2 years. On a fairly small board.For at home use. And works great. For a pedal board. you are gonna gig with. I would look into a power brick.
I have one in my BCB-60 & it does create a lot of hum between pedals, but I bought an ISP Decimator & it's gone or not noticeable when playing

Edit: The used market for a brick PSU is great. If you bought one you'd probably get your money back if you even sold it in 6-months.