Hey Guys,

I've just started in my second band, and I've come to start using my first (slightly modest) Pedal Board. I must admit I've been having some difficulties & I'm hoping some experts out there could assist me with this

In my 1st band I played Rhythm Guitar, using an Epiphone Dot played through a Fender Frontman 212R 100W amp. I simply used the 'Drive' setting on that amp as it had a nice tone.

The set-up I am trying to master now, comes as my new band has a slightly 'Grittier/Fuzzier' feel (Black Keys/White Stripes).

At the moment, I am playing my Epiphone ES-339 into the same Fender Amp, with the following FX:

Guitar into - Belcat Tuner Pedal, Original JD Crybaby Wah, Behringer CS400 Compressor/Sustainer, Little Big Muff - Into Fender FM212R Amp (Clean Channel).

Please do excuse my inexperience with Pedals (the above set up may well be wrong), but currently, when I hook it all up and turn on, I experience quite a loud, dull feedback noise from my Amp. Making it quite an unplayable setup at the moment.

Could I get some help/friendly advice on how to proceed?

Many Thanks!

Jackson Wolf
Do you have the gain up on the amp all the time?
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Quote by LaidBack
Do you have the gain up on the amp all the time?

Yeah check the amp gain level. Or switch off the drive completely and try again with a cleaner amp sound.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

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Hey man, thank you for the response.

On my Amp I have it set on the Clean channel. Volume around 8, (Treb, Mid & Bass - each around 4/5).

My Pedals are usually all at 12 O'clock.

Take all the pedals out of the chain (so it's just guitar -> amp) then try each pedal one at a time and see which one introduces the noise.

If it only happens when you have all of them connected then try switching the order around - although the order you have looks ok to me - maybe try switch the compressor and the muff round.
Thank you for your advice

With the FX Chain is in the order above, I've just tried turning off the Big Muff, and that does seem to stop it the dull feedback sound.

Could it be the pedal? I wasn't sure on the order of the board etc.

I suppose its fair to say the Little Big Muff is may 'Main sound', so I'm hoping to get things correct

I appreciate all your help guys!
Does the sound occur even when the guitar is unplugged?

How are you powering the pedals? If you are daisy chaining them then there's a high chance it's that causing the noise. There will be a slight electric hum which the big muff is... big muffing. Compressing it, distorting it, fuzzing it etc etc.
Well is it feedback, or just a "white noise"? Distortion pedals can be noisy...
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It definitely is loud feedback, quite relentless. Not the usual Hum/Hiss that is common with a distortion pedal.

If I kill the sound on the guitar (knock the volume all the way down) the feedback goes away.

All the pedals are patched together in the normal way & then I've got a 9V adapter with a 5 way chain on it, which is what powers each pedal. (With 1 free link in the chain as I only have 4 pedals)

Thanks for the response guys
Quote by Jackson.Wolf
It definitely is loud feedback,.
If I kill the sound on the guitar (knock the volume all the way down) the feedback goes away.

Guessing because your guitar is a hollowbody it creating the feedback
Oh, I see . It is an Epiphone ES-339.

Classed a 'Semi-hollow', as it has a solid block of wood in the body.

Does this mean I'm unable to play this Guitar through this Pedal board without Feedback?

Many Thanks for your response
Does it do it when you're far away from the amp & at lower volumes?

The only option would be a noise gate to eliminate ALL noise/feedback.

They can be picked up used for a reasonable price. I recommend an ISP Decimator - But buy a separate power supply for this. It tends to dislike being connected to other pedals & eats batteries.
Try use a noise gate. I use the MXR SmartGate but I'm going to change it for a Boss NS-2 soon. There are plenty of good noise gates out there. Hope this helps
MXR noise clamp

those are some of the more recommended noise gates. I really like my NS-2. I had an ISP in the past and it was fantastic, I just couldn't justify the price this time around.

Good luck and happy hunting.
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Thanks for your help, everyone.

This has been my first post on U.G, and I am grateful for all your help.

I've just purchased a Boss NS-2.

Hopefully the sounds of The Twisted Dolls are soon to be feedback-less!

Don't forget to update thread and let us know how the NS-2 worked out for you.

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I'd just like to say thank you to all you guys on here, for your help.

Last night was my first gig with The Twisted Dolls, and the Boss NS-2 did not let me down!

I ran it through my FX Chain (with the welcome addition of a Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal) and when turned on, all of that feedback noise (caused by the Little Big Muff, I deduced), was gone.

Great Pedal!

Thanks guys, Wolf