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D'Activator Set
4 57%
Evolution/Gravity Storm Set
3 43%
Voters: 7.
soooo... I'm a little stuck on which pickups to buy :3

I'm debating between a DiMarzio Evolution/Gravity storm set and a set of DiMarzio D'activators.

I currently play in a post-hardcore(ish) band, but not your typical "Let's just play play breakdowns all day" group. I play a lot of leads, some solos, and use some chords that are less commonly used in this genre. I am very influenced by older metal genres and higher class guitar players, but i'm still into the newer stuff as well.

I'm looking for a pickup that still has balls while retaining clarity, but i'm a little worried about the Evolution lacking the power i need for those heavier parts. Or if it's even a viable decision for a heavier genre of music (since i never see people playing metal with it, but from what i know, the output isn't so bad on these at all.)

If it helps , my current setup :
- Schecter c-1 hellraiserFR with EMG 81/85
- Blackstar HT-100 head
- Custom Omega Enclosures 2x12 cab with 1 Eminence Swamp Thang and 1 Eminence Wizard.

Thanks so much !

P.S. if there's any other kind of info that anyone thinks will help me make my decision, please let me know! Thanks again!

P.S.S (lol) I'm replacing the EMGs because i feel like i can get a clearer tone with these pickups and a better sound for my clean channel!
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Try adding another battery for 18v to the EMGs, that should give you more headroom, but I've never had a problem getting good cleans from them as is. Also try dialing back the gain on your clean channel or fiddle with the volume knob on your guitar. If you're intent on changing pups for better cleans, try a lower output pup and let your amp do the dirty work. I'm a big fan of EMG's 57/66 set currently, does everything very well. Check out the vids: http://www.emgpickups.com/products/index/395/294/1
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I voted d activator, but you should check out lace drop and gains too.

Nah, Deathbucker man. Lace Deathbucker!
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Evolutions are very high output humbuckers. I had a set on an Ibanez RG7621 and they sounded great for metal. Very tight and aggressive yet they cleaned up nicely.
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