last night and the guitar plays extremely well. The tone sounds better, no buzzing frets, low action setup and no dull sounds coming from anywhere on the neck like it was before.
I do have a question though.
During the process and after filing the frets to make them flush with the side of the neck and prepping for the final leveling of the fret crowns, I was told to add 9-10 lbs. of weight to the guitar to simulate the string tension on the neck before leveling the frets. This didn't sound right so instead I made sure the neck was straight before skimming the crowns to level them out across the length of the neck. I used a 16" flat aluminum bar with sandpaper to do this.
Now if I would have done this step with the sanding bar and with relief in the neck, there would be nothing left on most of the frets by the time the leveler hit the crowns on the relief area of the neck.
Is what I was told (add weight) correct?
The way I did it, the frets seem fine now with no issues.
Quote by Explorerbuilder
You level the frets with no relief in the neck at all. Its gotta be dead straight. Then once you set it up you add the relief.

That was my thoughts to and that's how I did it. That's pretty bad when you get cursed out and told your out in left field when trying to explain this procedure to someone who has done it a dozen times.
The person kept insisting that I didn't understand that adding string tension on the neck creates relief (DUH!) and that I needed to sand the frets under string simulation by adding weight to the guitar. WTF!