So, I've been kind of in the market for a MIDI guitar lately. I was into the idea of getting a Godin Freeway SA, but I saw this on ebay the other day and had a change of heart. I had a really nice Parker NiteFly M that was also pre-Washburn (that one was 2004, this new one is from 2000). I loved it but I ended up selling because I didn't think I needed a guitar with such an aggressive, rock oriented sound (I'm more of a jazz/funk/fusion player). Well, turns out I guess I missed having a Parker around.

Just like all Parkers of this time, this thing is unbelievably well built. As expected, it plays great. The neck is typical of this era of Parker guitars, wood (probably mahogany) with that "carbon glass" (or whatever it's called) coating. It actually came set up really nicely too. I'm not sure what the body is made of (it's next to impossible to find a list of specs for this guitar!). My first guess was mahogany but after plugging it in the sound seems a little brighter than my old guitar, which had a mahogany body. It sounds great, though. All the pickups are DiMarzio custom made for Parker guitars. The bridge humbucker gives you a really good, if somewhat typical "superstrat" type of sound. Not usually my thing really, but it's definitely what I'll be using in the future any time I have to play anything remotely "heavy". The single coils are extremely balanced and well defined. They're definitely pretty modern voiced pickups and the output is actually fairly high without being overwhelming. They sound really awesome for funk rhythm playing.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try the MIDI system yet (which is really the only reason I bought the guitar) because I'm waiting on MIDI cables in the mail. If I remember I'll update you guys when I get them.


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Awwwwwwww yeeeaaaaahhhh!

HNGD, I'm officially jealous!
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HNGD! What's up with the headstock?
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Thanks, guys!

Delboyuk_01, what extra equipment do you mean? Just curious.

Dr Sixstring, that's Parker's signature headstock. As far as I know it's on all their guitars.
I've wanted a Parker for a while. Played a friends fly. I like the trem system and stainless frets. I'd like the midi too just for the hell of it. Have fun, lucky bastard
Tempoe, if you're interested in Parkers, there are always plenty of guitars that are similar to mine but without MIDI for between $500 and like $1000 on Guitar Center's website, craigslist, and ebay. Since there are so few of them, the prices are very inconsistent, so you have to be patient. While looking for prices to compare for this guitar, I'm pretty sure I actually came across the same guitar I sold in November for $860 (it had the same scratches, etc.). It was being sold for $510. Ironically, the older (pre-Washburn) Parkers usually sell for less than newer ones on the used market, even though most people agree the older ones were better guitars.
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My buddy has a late 90's Parker, absolutely fugly guitars but they play incredibly well.
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Thanks, guys!

Delboyuk_01, what extra equipment do you mean? Just curious.

Dr Sixstring, that's Parker's signature headstock. As far as I know it's on all their guitars.

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