This has been posted elsewhere, but I thought I would share it here with you guys as well.

So here is the official thread for my new project. Yesterday I got the guitar for this project. It is a 2004 Ibanez GSA60. Blue.
Got it in working, and cosmetically great shape, for $60, thanks to a mistake by the pawn shop.
here she is.

I had the light up idea and basic design in my head, now that I finished my kit-jem, its time for this project. I have the lighting mostly figured out, here is a diagram for those curious.

And here is another idea for the light patterns. this one allows all the lights to be seen, even when playing. gives it a cool look I think.
To route the wiring, I was thinking of using the dremel flex shaft, and drilling holes, under the surface (not visible from above), from cavity to cavity, for the purpose of routing wires and LEDs. The drilled spots would be like this (marked in gray)

Just got my components. $24 for everything I need. Went with green 5mm leds.

Got the final circuit done. Works, triggered by a pickup, with sensitivity control. Lights the 6 leds to the proper current. Works just like the video above pretty much. Just a finished product with more/brighter leds
Here is the final diagram.

Here is the final product

Ok. Got it mapped. Ready to drill.

Here are all the dimensions, so I could make it symmetrical

Here is how the board fits in the cavity. I am going to block the trem in, and take out the screws and spring claw. Perfect fit.

The disks are on some angled parts, but because of the way they are drilled, the inserts should end up near flat with the body. They can be shaped some if needed. There is no place on the guitar where it is flat really, so that was just gonna happen.

Here we go! Got the holes drilled. Came away with one blemish.

Here is the blemish. The drill hit some hard wood or something, and jumped out of its place. I'm gonna have to fix it up

Also drilled the holes for the wiring
The holes go from the spring cavity to the big hole, to the smaller, to the smallest. That way wires can be routed easily. ( the holes in the bottom are just from the pilot on the Forstner bit)

Besides the one blemish, things went better than expected.

Got the pucks! Grand total of $3.50. Significantly cheaper than I expected....
Here they are.
Got a few extra just in case

The plan is to layer them
Got the leds wired into the holes. Not wired to the sound to light module yet, and not capped yet. Used ribbon wire, put it through the holes, soldered it on, then painted everything in the hole chrome so you wouldn't see the wires. Glued the led down first with superglue, then with epoxy.
Here they are loose in the holes

Here they are glued down

Here they are painted silver

Took one malfunctioning led out today ( was slow to fire, and wasnt as responsive to low signal) switched it for a new one, and now it's perfect.

Got them glued in just a minute ago. Started with hot glue, to bond the pucks together. Just put a dab on, and run the hot gun around the edges to get it perfectly smooth. Doesn't seep between pucks and can be removed if I messed up. Then I mixed small batches of 5 min epoxy and rimmed the inside of the holes with it. Then I pressed the pucks in, which were tight. Waited for the glue to dry. They are in, dry and looking great.
The roundness of the guitar made it so they couldn't be perfectly level, but they are really close.

Done! Strung up, grounded, set the sensitivity and brightness, and blocked the trem.

I will record a video tonight or tomorrow and post it so you guys can see it in action, live.
The project is done for now though, waiting on new pickups and tuners.
I'm happy to answer any questions about it in the meantime.

Edit: forgot to do a final price rundown.
Push pull and kill pot-30
New tuners, string trees, and pickups-85
Various materials (glue, etc.)-10

Puts the grand total around 190 US dollars for what I hope will be a great playing guitar once the pickups come. The power sounds don't sound very good.

Here are the videos you've been waiting for. the first is a shorter demo in a darker room. The second is longer, and in a more average-lit room.
Honestly, this is way cooler that I thought it would be. If it had been more of a hack job I would probably still think it was lame, but you did a really great/clean job!

Very cool in my book.
Just think the more you mess around with type of stuff, the better you'll get through time! Great job!
ive only installed a set of their single coils on a buddys guitar
im not sure which one they were but they were pretty high output but i cant comment on anything else if anythign they were well build
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K thanks. I wonder if they are the same I got. I figured for the low cost ($50 for two humbuckers and 3 singles), it was worth a risk. The reviews were positive. I got the HDN humbuckers, and the XS62N singles. Advertised as high output.

they are definately an upgrade to the stock pups ill tell you that
i cant remember the name of the pick up but they were loud one of the loudest ive ever installed me thinks(this is why they stand out to me)

for the price i would buy again
prefer them to gfs pick ups which are similarly priced

anyway good luck and nice build

edit called myfreind up with the guitar they are in fact the ones you got
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Well done, nice to see someone have the guts (and know how) to go through with an idea.

turned out great!
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