Just wondering if others know about this, may be dumb question, but I don't know squat about drums.

I used to listen to a lot of electronica. Mostly progressive trance, psychedelic trance, drum n bass, deep house. I really like the deep / fat beats, lots of bass.

I'm now playing guitar and trying to either make beats myself to go with my songs, or find a drummer to collaborate with. I don't really think of guitar-driven songs as having a lot in common with electronica. When I think of guitar-drive songs, I think of classic rock, alt rock, indie / art rock, which generally has live drummer.

Was wondering if there is way to fuse the deep beats of the electronica I like with guitar-driven songs? It occurs to me this might even be a meaningless question because maybe those electronica beats are based on the same drum sounds a live drummer can get from a kit, so I'm making a poor distinction? I don't know. What would alt rock / trance fusion sound like? Surely it's been done, not sure I can think of a band/song.

Perhaps it just doesn't work. Perhaps the techno-style beats complement synth tones more than guitar tones, so it would sound disjointed. I CAN think of some great techno/trance that involved spanish guitar play over electronica beats, so I know fusion is possible. But, again, that's not quite the same as alt rock / art rock / trance fusion.

I guess I'm just curious if others have any particular "philosophy" about drum options, tones as I try to get a feel for this topic.

Maybe take a look at Muse? They're doing some work mixing those genres these days. eg, "Madness" is a pop/rock song built around some dubstep rhythms.

Rather than being a question of instrumentation, it's really a function of melody. Most contemporary electronic dance music de-emphasizes melody to an extreme degree.
I'm not sure if it's possible, but I urge you not to try anyways
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I don't really know the answer to your question but I often put Daft Punk on and jam with them on my guitar and it can sound alright. Apparently the two guys of DaftPunk were bass and guitar players that lost their drummer and started playing with drum machine and synths.

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At the end of the day music is music. Regardless of instruments if you put your mind to it and use your ears you can find a way.
Does electronica de-emphasize melody? I have not thought of it in those terms. It certainly de-emphasizes lyrics, but there are still synth notes that necessarily carry a melody, though it may be simple / repetitive. Almost fugueish? I suppose to the extent harmonizing tones is emphasized, then a stand-alone melodic line may be de-emphasized. I'd love to read some stuff on the music theory of progressive trance to get more educated, if it exists.

I do recall reading an article where the author thought Bach was the superior composer to Mozart, in part due to the fact Mozart was more about melodies while Bach was more about harmonies, the latter being more complex / evolved. And Bach loved his fugues. So I guess there may be a parallel if popular music moves from melodic focus to harmonic focus.

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My girlfriend and her mom see each other nude daily for some weird reason