It was quite alright, nothing amazing.

1. Don't be afraid to use your pinky in higher registers, don't eliminate 1/4th of your hand :P

2. Stray out of the boxes. It's okay to go to, but just boring to hear over and over and over and over again.

3. Don't play what you're used to. Whenever I play solos, I catch myself playing the same thing in certain parts of it and use those parts in other solos. Not that its bad, it just doesn't better you, and it doesn't give you much of a challenge.

That's the way I see things, but other than that, some more work and practice and you'll sound absolutely amazing!
gonna be honest here your leads need some work

first of all i know this was improvised but when playing a solo or something try to think of a melody and play that it kinda sounded like you were playing the the scale patterns not music
also it was a bit repetitive nothing wrong with repetition but try to change the rhythm a bit im not sure how often i heard the rhythmic pattern *ta taka ta* in your solo

alright now your technique
-your vibrato needs work
practice on a note and add vibrato try to keep it consistant and in tune and try to keep the center of your vibrato to be the note youre on

-your bends practice bending up to a note such as start on fret 9 on the b string and bend up to the next note fret 10 or try a whole step bend by bending up to 11

-your solo was for the most part very staccato didnt flow too much you dot have to play legato but staccato playing is very rhythmic and can get abrasive if used too much

-dont be afraid to use your pinkie its there and you have long fingers which ar every useful for guitarists dont leave your pinkie out of use becasue the longer you go without pinkie useage the more itll fall behind the other fingers and be difficult to put back into useage

and most importatly listen to what youre playing your ear is the most important tool you have as a musician use it and develop it as best as you can

im no master player but were all trying to get better here arent we

if you want to critique anything feel free to click the youtube link in my sig
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