Image drops
This cathedral I'm bestowed
Sulphur rain, from the ceiling above
I see past its thousand fold
This lonely place out here
With candle walls as flesh

Hence the maker came
Told me, of centuries pain
Of how they gathered here
To list their final songs

Thus it begun with a verse
Led by a chorus
Ending, with a timeless choir
Longing in its dark

Images drop
Now faster than before
Lay bare my hands
A reflecting pond
Resembling, evergreen pastures
Once a garden bestowed

Two worlds
Seemed right at the time, grew a distance
As reckoning came, drew a bridge
Sealed their faith, left in space..
Seems all worthless, now that I think of it

I witnessed decease
Over and over
Until it caught itself
Like ouroborus foretold
A purge in retrospect
Hearses lining beyond recovery

And in a moment's reverie
I, the wanderer begot
Traversing a deity upon
This barren earth, there stood a door
Amidst ruins sealed, wide
For the last man to open

And it begun with a verse
Led by a chorus
Ending, with a timeless choir
Ever repeating in its halls, I beset.

Alone, I light a torch. The faces on the walls are begging me to the put fire out, I tell them
despite their cries"Your time is but a mere shadow, let it go"

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Quote by Eccer
Thanks a lot, I was inspired by this "www.youtube.com/watch?v=msIjWthwWwI" which has tingled my curiosity for years.

that does tingle curiosity and I can see how that video can inspire other pieces of art such as poetry. You can derive a ton of meaning from it. I may write a poem about it myself!