My drummer is starting to have some trouble with numbness in her right leg after playing for more then 20 minutes or so...we were talking about things she could possibly do to help with that and were considering possibly a new throne, or getting a back rest for her existing throne. She has tried adjusting the height of her current throne and that doesnt seem to be helping. Anyone out there ever have a similar experience and if so how did you remedy it? We are trying to fix this problem without having to invest a huge amount of money if possible.
I would say the throne sounds like a likely candidate. If it's a circular one with a small radius, I could imagine that might give you problems with circulation. Try getting a big motorcycle seat style one.

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Great, thanks! We were thinking along the same lines, but were not sure if maybe there was something else to try first.
I had a problem when my throne broke a bit and my balls would go numb LOL so invest a nice, comfortable throne and maybe suggest for your drummer to exercise, it helps with stamina and control in all limbs
Quote by crispykids
I had a problem when my throne broke a bit and my balls would go numb
I about pissed myself laughing at this...lol...sorry about your balls man thanks for the advice, she settled on a much nicer throne, hopefully this will help
To little info to give advice. Is she:

- Playing heel up or heel down?
- Sitting on the edge of the chair or more comfortably with the buns right on the padding?
- What type of pedal is she using?
- What type of throne is (was) she using?
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