Ok, so im a guitar player of around 10 years, and around 3 years ago or so i bought a bass to add to my recordings. Since then, ive fallen in love with playing bass, and play it quite often (even though im DEF still mainly a guitarist). Long story short, i think i play bass kinda odd. Instead of how most people play (At least i think), I pluck with my index and ring finger, instead of index and middle. To me, this just seemed natural when i started, so thats what i stuck with. It has advantages, it makes gallops easy cuz i can just throw the middle finger in. And im quite adept at using all three fingers. However, is it ok to play bass the way I do (Primarily index and ring fingers, plucking wise)? Or is this wrong? Ik on guitar, u can more or less pick however, just some ways are a little better than others. Is this the same on bass, or am i more or less doing it wrong? Any help would be appreciated!
There is nothing wrong with the Tech you are using.

Some comment that the strength and consistency of pull from finger to finger is noticeable and not always what is desired in a piece.

I played with 3 most of my life, progressing from the 1 and 2. 3 was just too weak on the DBV, but really fine on the EBG, especially following the OX (John Entwistle).

I use it a lot on Rush stuff.

When I got a 6er, 22 years later, the thumb and pinky have started to become active, as if there is enough real estate on the String field for them to dance on.
Also, I strike more like a Flamenco player, and the fun of Active Electronics which is like High Def of Bass, making so many more Right Hand techniques to be so musically dynamic that you almost cannot play "wrong".
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There's nothing wrong with it. Unless it hurts or you think it's pushing you back. But it's probably not.
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Sounds awfully uncomfortable to me; but if it works for you, go for it.
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