The last couple years I've been interested in organizing a music festival for local rock and metal bands. Obviously it would be a huge project to do on my own, but I've met a couple people who want to join in and we're looking to make it happen

Has anybody here ever organized one or helped out at one? Do you have any advice?

Any help would be appreciated!
I would start with contacting the city you want to have it in and learn what types of laws/regulations you'd have to adhere to. Getting permission/funding might prove to be more difficult than actually finding bands to play. However I highly doubt you'll be able to get any band anyone has heard of to play.

Have you thought about what you'd do w/ a stage, sound, refreshments? How many people would you like to see there at the very best?
Money, quite a bit of it.
You've got a venue if indoors, land and staging, power etc if outside.
Paying the bands and technicians (no one works for free, usually, neither should you expect them to)
Clean up
Security, you can't just get your friends to walk around, you need real security.

Etc, probably a few things I forgot.

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Your location would probably help a lot in a post of this sort.

You could play the long game, and start by getting a local venue to host a large show, with say 10 bands. Tout it as "The first Annual Wherever-you-are Underground Metal Festival" or something akin to that. Promote it online, get a bunch of people to come. Do it again next year, and then the year after that. By this point people will have come to expect it, and you could probably get some sponsorships and media attention in just a few years. Ideally it will outgrow your original venue, and larger venues will actually be competing to get your show inside them because of the huge upswing in business. Let it blossom naturally from there into a beautiful young woman -- I, I mean a totally bitchin' outdoor music festival with multiple stages and the like.
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