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I recently noticed my strings goes flat (about 30-40 cents) in tune WHENEVER I bend it. I tried replacing all the strings but the problem won't go away.
Any suggestions?
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String your guitar like so, and make sure that you stretch the strings plenty before you start.

If that doesn't work you might want to look into upgrading your machine heads.
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Could just be a poorly/incorrectly cut nut. Try lubing the nut slots with graphite from a pencil and see if that helps. If it does, then you've found your problem.
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Could just be a poorly/incorrectly cut nut. Try lubing the nut slots with graphite from a pencil and see if that helps. If it does, then you've found your problem.

^Forgot about this part, try this first.
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My friend has an Epi Les Paul Standard and it goes out of tune just looking at it. I've tried everything from lubing the nut, to replacing the nut, properly stringing it, stretching the strings thoroughly, and so on. The only thing that solved the problem was replacing the tuners.

That being said, definitely try the cheapest solutions first, such as those mentioned by W4RP1G and Viban for sure.
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Also check if the bridge is solid and stable, and make sure the tuners are tight.
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Yeah that's a good thing to check, have a look to see if the string tension isn't pulling the bridge out of the body. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened to a LP be it Epi or Gibson...
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I have this problem mainly with the G
Can go right out of tune after one song,even with little use. The other strings aren't too bad but need retuning after a couple songs.

Would putting some better tuners like grovers be my best bet?

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That sounds like a poorly cut nut issue to me. For whatever reason unwound Gs don't like to stay in tune, especially if the nut isn't cut perfectly.

I'd get the nut replace before you did anything. It'll sound and play better than the stock plastic crap so even if it isn't the issue you've still improved your axe. As a rule I always have plastic nuts replaced on my guitars.
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Thanks for the advices. I tried lubing the nuts but it didn't seem to help. However while checking my guitar I found some of the screws in the bridge part were loose. Just wondering if it could be the problem?
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In order: check all hardware to ensure nothing is loose; ensure you wrap the strings around the post properly when restringing (look it up if unsure what I'm referring to); ensure nut slot isn't too tight or deep for the G string (may need to widen it and/or shave down the nut so only the bottom half of the string rests in the slot, also helps to widen the exit angle of the string slot toward the headstock); lastly, it could be a slipping gear in the tuning machine.
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The tuners and bridge on Epi Standards are actually already as good as you can get. 18:1 and locking, respectively; if you're having problems staying in tune then you know it's not going to be solved by changing either of these. It's also unlikely to be the nut if all the strings are behaving in this fashion. Epi nuts are bad, but it's incredibly rare to see a nut cut so badly that every string is binding.

Double-check how you are restringing the guitar. Make sure you are stretching the strings out, you are locking them against themselves at the post and not wrapping it around too many times. I'm willing to bet you're having tuning issues because you're not restringing the guitar correctly. The vast, vast majority of the time, this is the reason for tuning problems.
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