My friends' guitar has been kept in a very dry environment for a couple of years, and when I saw it yesterday, I was horrified by how the wood has shrinked. The frets are protruding from the sides of the neck, one side of the nut has damaged the lacquer on the neck and is also protruding by approximately 1,5 mm. The worst problem is that the ebony fretboard has two noticeable cracks that last from 14th to 23rd frets.

My friend wants to sell the guitar, but I don't think it can be sold to anyone in such condition, let alone issues with electronics and a rusted bridge.

How can I fix the cracks in ebony? I guess I'll have to fill the cracks with something. I told my friend to use an air humidifier, so the other problems won't be so evident in some time, will they?

Thanks in advance!
There's not really a fix for that, much less a quick and easy one.

You could use ebony dust for the cracks, but, if I understand the problem right, you'd have to take the frets off to do it right, which would require refretting. But if the wood has shrunk by that much, it might not be worth repairing.

You'd probably have to replace the neck, if possible.

Here's a link to fretboard crack repair:
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Thank your for the link, I remember seeing it before but I didn't save it! The guitar is a neck-through, unfortunately.