Hey I am interested in learning how to play the guitar and I am wanting to play country music. Is there a certain type of guitar I need to buy for country music or what? Thanks
You should start with acoustic. It is objectively the best type of guitar to learn on.
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You definetly need a black 8-string with floyd rose! And to get the tone you want for country you should have a marshall, preferably a 1000W Tube fullstack! but a 500W will do aswell
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Make sure it has a whammy bar or you can't make the note go higher.

Dude. You don't know how to whammy without a whammy bar? Do you even lift?

I was going to come into this thread and just randomly say telecaster even if it was irrelevant. Turns out its actually a legitimate response.

Get a telecaster.
I recommend going into guitar center and playing as many as you can find and buying the one that feels most natural to you. Don't be afraid to ask the guitar center employees questions. They are usually more than happy to assist as long as they think they're going to make a sale.
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Make sure it has a whammy bar or you can't make the note go higher.

Lol, faggot, you can whammy without a whammy bar
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If you want an acoustic, pretty much any will do. Electric: I'd say go with a Squier Telecaster. Cheers.
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Make sure you learn how to whammy without a whammy bar
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You need a fanned fret (24.75"-30") 8 string guitar loaded with Blackout-8s, otherwise you won't be able to play country music.
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