Hello everyone,
this is my first post, so be kind, please.

I bought this guitar:
Schecter Omen 6 Extreme BCH
[forbidden link]
Scale/Mensur 25,5"

Which strings do you recommend for playing metal with acoustic parts, and bendings in guitar solos? Tuning is D standard.Tuning is D standard.

I used Elixier Light .010-.046 strings.
Especially for the low strings there's not enough tension so that the strings are very hard to play exactly because of their amplitude.
As to the higher strings the lack of tension would be ok with be as I like to bend in solos.

Could you recommend strings for Standard D-Tunings ?
What about
.011-.049 ???

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
sweet leave
It's all about comfort. Try different strings and see what you like.
10-52 is perfect - i use that set for D standard and drop C on my 25.5" scale ibanez guitars. I would go for a 10-46 set if i didn't use drop C at all tho.

You might like it heavier - in which case an 11-54 set (EB does these) is great.
try 12 gauge earnie balls, that should do the trick
Running through:

Engl Fireball
Engl Slanted Cab
Ibanez Xiphos
Schecter C-1 FR Black
Ibanez GRG (on its way)

Boss Noise Gate, Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Boss Tuner, Zakk Wylde Wah.