I bought an Epiphone DR100 for my first acoustic guitar. I got it new at a great price. It was playing fine for a month or so and now I notice the G, B, E strings are contacting some of the frets when they shouldnt be. The example, the high E string will contact the 12th fret even when I press on the 6th fret. Someone told me the truss rod may need to be adjusted or the action is too low... I dont know. Personally I dont want to invest any repair money into this cheaper guitar. If its a simple fix im all for it. If not, I want to buy something a little better. Ideas?
If you're living somewhere very dry, like a house in the winter, your guitar will lose humidity, dry out too much and the top will sink somewhat, resulting in the problem you have. At its worst this dryness can result in shrinkage of the top leading to cracking, usually along the centre seam at first.
If you don't have a humidifier try leaving a small bowl of water near or on the heat source in the room where your guitar lives, and refill it as it evaporates. This should help humidify the air; and in the interim leave the truss rod alone until the top pops back up. This could take a few weeks.

Over-humidifying leads to the opposite-the top swells too much resulting in a raised action. In areas where humidity levels vary a lot between summer and winter, many guitars need both a summer and winter setup to compensate.

Guitars are like people; if you're comfortable in your environment your guitar will be too.
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