Ok, I'm stumped. In the video below the lead singer is using some pedal or effects box or something I'm guessing. & he's got like, an autotune and a couple harmonies on his single voice. It's just him singing into the mic & apparently he's got something rigged onto it to give a real Bon Iver-ish sound (Like on the track Woods by Bon Iver) he starts doing it about 6:30 into the video so just skip to there. I'm aware the crowd is singing but you can hear the harmonies are very apparent & they get more apparent as it goes through. He's also looping a ltitle bit. He loops one vocal bar & then another, & then he starts improvising I guess over it all. it sounds fantastic & I'd really like to know what he is using to get this sound. Sorry, I didn't exactly know where else to post this & it definitely hasn't been searched already help would be appreciated


edit: I looked up a live version of Woods & Justin Vernon is doing it too. Gah, what kind of pedal or effects unit is this????

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Sounds like looper and harmonizer.
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