This maybe a dumb question, but for someone with little experience like me, I thought I'd ask... I have a Gibson style guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge setup. When I was changing strings, it fell off and I started messing with what controls the height (action) of the strings to the fretboard. I set it way too low at first (got fret buzz) and then raised it up on both sides (no fret buzz but it feels weird). I don't remember what I first set it at, but if anyone can give me an idea of standard height and how to measure it, that would be helpful.
Most sites ive been on have 2 mm on both sides from 12th fret.
But i prefer a bit higher action, its too easy to bend with low.
Anyway experiment. What is good for others might not fit you.
Gibson specs say 5/64 on the low-E side and 3/64 on the high-E side at the 12th fret. You can measure this with any ruler that is graduated in 64ths. (or 32nds, it would be about 3/32)

Truss rod relief should be about .008-.010 thousands of an inch. You would measure this with the correct thickness feeler gauge around the 8th fret while holding down the first and last fret on the guitar.

You adjust the action by turning those screws on the side of the bridge. Don't turn them while under string tension though - loosen the strings first and then turn them a bit and tune up. It's just a trial and error type of thing.

This video will help you out
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