Sup guys,

This is my first post, but I'm looking for some feedback. I'm the lead singer/rhythm guitarist in a cover band with a couple of friends of mine from school, and I was wondering if I could get a critique of our performance the other night. We opened for The Ataris at a local nightclub, and the crowd wasn't huge, but we got them pretty pumped up. Here's the link:


I'm already aware of a couple things: you can't hear viola at some parts, rhythm is pretty much nowhere to be heard, the final song in particular is rough, and there are a number of trouble spots. So unload on me, especially if I suck at singing!
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The first thing that strikes me is that it does sound like a band that formed at a school, it just has that kind of sound, I think that sound is brought on mostly by the drummer, who sounds quite sloppy at times, but I must ask, did you know anyone in that crowd? If not, you did a good job, as they seemed quite into it at times. As for your singing, I think the first song suited your voice more than the second (I don't know them), however, the second was more musically tight and more professional sounding than your first. You may want to stage it better, I couldn't hear or see a Viola anywhere until 15 minutes in, and I dare say, I don't think it adds anything to your sound. In your third song (Johnny B Goode), the lead guitar seemed a little off in the intro, other than that, it was about as polished as a performance of that song can be, I must admit, I don't like the song, and the intro is enough to make me walk away from the stage and not stop until I hear something better, so my opinion of this song may be biased, but you did play it well.

As the set went on, I heard tuning slip, possibly in the lead guitar, but those are all problems that can be fixed, you held an audiences attention, so very well done for that. Also, for the style of music you play, you're all a bit held back. A lot of unsigned musicians do often look down on their own genres conventions, I've seen Metalcore bands that refuse to crabwalk, I've seen Death Metal bands refuse to headbang, and, more relevant to you, I've seen Pop-Punk bands refuse to jump around and flail their instruments around like they're in McFly, so go mad on stage. As a cover band, your job is generally to provide the same experience one would expect if they were to really see these bands live, and I'm fairly certain that Blink 182 or one of those bands would be pretty wild on stage, correct me if I'm wrong, it just looks wrong to me when I hear that style and don't see a wild, fun stage show.
You called it, it's just a school band. We actually did not know many people in the crowd at all; frankly, I think they were pretty surprised by us. The first song is Anthem by Good Charlotte, and the second is My Own Worst Enemy by Lit. As far as viola goes, the violist switches from piano to viola about 15 minutes in, so that's why you didn't notice him. The entire setlist was basically chosen because we knew our audience would be familiar with the songs, and I think they were, so that worked out far better than it has in the past.

As to being less restrained: this was our first time ever opening for a band, and I think we were all fairly nervous. In particular, I'm not terribly sure how to be a frontman, so I just try to keep it short and sweet between sets to see what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for your input!
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I saw the viola and was really hoping for "ocean avenue" think that would be a better song that would fit your voice.

Over all I don't think you guys did a "bad" job, I've seen a lot worse.

As stated, there's a few rhythm issues, but those kinks hopefully get worked out the more you play. Def pick and work on songs that suit your voice, though it might seem like a fun idea to avril lavigne, it just doesn't fit. That'd be something to do like a few bars of just to be funny, but not as entire song, that was by far the weakest song in the set. Sum 41, fat lip, in particular if you can get the vocal parts worked out is always a lot of fun. Some blink, new found glory, stuff like that would work perfectly.

If this is one of your first few gigs, that's still a pretty good job.

Keep it up!
Hey Guys! Let me start by say CUDOS! Especially if this was your first show, wow! Overall you did a good job. And unlike one of the other posts, I rather enjoyed hearing the avril song, along with Johnny b Good, I thought it was cool how you kinda mixed it up with the sub-genres.
Now, a few pointers...please dont take them as insults because they are not intended to be that way.
1st, you should do some vocal work to keep your sound from being too "nasally", when the vocals are too nasally it makes it very easy to get pitchy, but with practice you can learn how to control it getting up in your nasal cavity and more from your diaphram. Another thing that will really help you with this is practice as much as you can WITH your mic and PA while recording it, then play it back and listen to it...one of the biggest problems us vocalists have is the voice we hear in our head is not the same thing the crowd hears (if that makes sense) but by playing it back and listening you can hear what it actually sounds like.
2nd, this is a tip I only recently learned and it is HUGE...your visual performance is just as, if not more, important and your sound....if you are not giving the audience something to look at then, then they are forced to only listen...now, if you are GREAT musicians, this might not be a big deal...but for those of us (i include myself in this category) who are just starting out or who are not the greatest musicians, if we are not drawing the audience in with our visual performace then they will be picking apart every single little thing that is "wrong" with our playing..... give them a little eye contact, and APPEAR to be having fun, even if you are a nervous wreck...I promise this will make a big difference in the reaction your crowd has
3rd... try to cut down the time between songs a bit, the shorter the time between songs, the less opportunity your crowd has to lose interest, I was reading somewhere that 4 seconds is ample time between songs, unless you are introducing the band members, etc.
4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th practice practice practice
Like I said before, dont take this stuff as an insult, b/c I think overall you did well...and the second we stop trying to improve ourselves is the second we should stop playing all together
you guys are grooving, and everyone can feel it.
but show it a little more physically, move a bit.

it sounds like a really good high school band. how to change that? many many gigs and learning the concepts of live sound, and the many little tricks and things you can do live.

you aren't a bad frontman i think. dont worry.

so more gigs, learn live sound, and more moving